Festo are leading innovators in pneumatics, having a pioneered a strong representation of pneumatic components in in robotics due to their wide range of pneumatic grippers and other material handling devices. They are also particularly noted in the automotive manufacturing industry. Festo specialises in a wide range of pneumatic components, that are stocked by British Pneunatics, that includes: pneumatic cylinders, grippers, air treatment, and pneumatic directional control valves. Read more.

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More About Festo

Festo are noted German innovator in pneumatic products. Case in point: at tradeshows, Festo are keen to demonstrate the integretion of their pneumatic products with robotics. In fact, they are the leading pneumatics company in the domain of robotics. Festo has a very large range of pneumatic actuators -- one in every size and one fit for every purpose.

Their signature white and blue colours allow their products to be easily recognisable. And, this is no suprise, as their pneumatic control valves are of high quality and excellent precision.

Their flow control fittings are precise and are highly standardised. Each flow control fitting will offer the same touch and feel as any other. This is important when flow control products are to be used in conjunction.