Camozzi is leading italian pneumatics manufacturer, with strong market presence in Europe and the UK, that specialises in pneumatic valves, cylinders, and fittings for industrial automation purposes. The majoirty of their pneumatic valves (solenoid or mechanically operated) possess metallic bodies for a wide range of operating pressure. Read more.

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Camozzi's pneumatic product line can be split into four broad areas: (i) pneumatic valves, (ii) airline treatment (filters, regulators, FRLs, etc.), (iii) actuators, and, notably, (iv) their fittings.
Camozzi fittings are ubiquitous across general industry due to their quality machining processes. Their fittings embody the signature Camozzi 'C' logo, and is a testament to their quality. By market revenue, they are the largest manufacturer of pneumatic fittings that is based in Italy.