Metal Work

Metal Work is one of the largest pneumatic parts brands in the world. Sporting their distinctive orange colouration, Metal Work pneumatic products are both ubiquitous and recognisable across general industry. Their pneumatic filters and lubricators (sometimes, under the trademark name, Skillair) are some of the best in industry. Read More.

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More About Metal Work Pneumatic

All Metal Work Pneumatic Air Filters come with metal bowl guards for additional protection. Metal Work's primary production facility is in Brescia, Italy, and all of their products are manufactured in Italy.

Their products often come with a signature orange colour, making them easily recognisable when it comes to identification for replacement parts. Some of their most popular products include the SOV 25 SOS OO Solenoid Valve (MPN: 7010021100) which is a standard 5/2 with 1/8" port connections.