Pneumax is an italian company founded more than 40 years ago, and till this day, their products remain manufactuered in Italy. Pneumax are leaders in pneumatic pilot valves, solenoid valves, and cylinders. Read more.

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Pneumax pneumatic valves embody a signature brass chasis that is strong and robust. In most product lines, the internal spools are made in fine aluminium and is averse to "spool jamming". Pneumax is used by a number of blue chip industrial companies in the UK as a solution to their mechanical and automation needs. Pneumax ISO valves are particularly popular in the UK as they allow for efficient operation of pneumatic directional switching. The Pneumax 488.52.0.1.M11 is a 5/2 1/8" BSP solenoid valve that is a best seller in the solenoid valve category.