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Mindman MAD-2016 Shock absorbers - British Pneumatics

Mindman MAD-2016 Shock absorbers

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Shock Absorbers

MAD series is of adjustable structure. When facing with different loads and different impact speeds, the adjustment knobs can be adjusted to appropriate scale to absorb perfectly the energy generated by the object. As compared to MAC series MAD series has higher energy absorption and wider applicable scope.


Technical Specifications

Model Thread Stroke (mm)
MAD-1410 M14X1.0/1.5


MAD-1415 M14X1.0/1.5 15
MAD-1425 M14X1.0 /1.5 25
MAD-1612 M16X1.0/1.5 12
MAD-2016 M20X1.5/2.0 16
MAD-2020 M20X1.5 20
MAD-2025 M20X1.5 25
MAD-2050 M20X1.5 50
MAD-2525 M25X1.5/2.0 25
MAD-2530 M25X1.5/2.0 30 
MAD-2725 M27X1.5/3.0 25