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Univer Cm-9423F Hand Lever Spool Valve General

Univer CM-9423F Hand Lever Spool Valve

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The Univer CM-9423F is a hand lever valve with G1/4" port connections. It has a 90 Degree lever that can be put into three positions. This mechanically operated valve is composed of a premium zinc alloy for superior robustness. Its aluminium spool is averse to jams and can be used in the field for a industry-leading lifecycle time.

Made in Italy. 

Lever valve G1/4 with manual operation
90°Lever - 3 positions
CM-9423F, G1/4

Technical Specifications

 Ambient temperature -10÷45℃
Fluid 50 μm filtered air, with or without lubrication
Commutation system Spool
Valve Body die-cast zamak (G 1/8), aluminium (G 1/4)
Seals Nitrile rubber
Spool Aluminium
Electropilot / Coil AA Series / U1-U3
Power Consumption 3,5 W (DC)-5 VA (AC)
Connector AM5110
Voltage 12VDC-24VDC-24VAC-110VAC-230VAC
Manual Override Two-position screw